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"Warren was super helpful and came the next morning to fix an issue that thankfully turned out to be minor with the dishwasher in my new home. He explained exactly what the problem was and demonstrated that it was fixed, and let me know if there were any further issues he would come back with no extra charge. All in all a great experience, and would definitely recommend him for any of your plumbing needs!"

Virginia R.


"Own a fast food chain restaurant
Needed some plumbing work done. Came out quickly and already had the parts with him. Ended up having to shut the main water off but he had no problem coming back later at night to accommodate this
Really went above and beyond
Price was really reasonable
Workmanship was great
Service was A+
I know who I'm calling next time and when I need my back flow test done"

Kevin F.

Image by Erik Mclean

"Thank you Warren for making quick work of our plumbing issue! You came promptly when called and were more than reasonable to deal with. We will recommend you to all our friends and family in the Lower Mainland!"

Annette C.

Plumber Fixing Pipes

"I am very satisfied and thankful for Warren's QPR plumbing services this past week. He arrived within a few hours, and he was very courteous and polite. Warren did not try to oversell his services , in fact, he saved me money by showing me a few additional things I could do myself if I knew someone who could basically use a wrench, he could have charged me and done it himself and not give me that option, but he went the extra mile and gave me a choice and in addition said he would walk some one through the repair himself if I liked and not charge for that. I highly recommend Warren and wish him all the best success in his business.

Warren seemed very trustworthy from the start, I felt very comfortable having him in my home."

Kathy C.

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